Olathe South Football Booster Club

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Players of The Week

Scout Team:

Brandon Stowe

Offensive Lineman:

Alex Wallace

Defensive Lineman:

JJ Neal

Offensive Player:

Tyler Cavil

Defensive Player:

Kevin Burdette

Freshman Player:

Andrew Nehrbass

Jack Looney

JV Player:

Blaize White

Brayden Klaassen

Special Team's Player:

Jamison Phelps


Turnover Board



Respects and Influence

Jake Noernberg    Daniel Flores          
Respects and Influence:       Respects and Influence:          
Younger: Jai Haynes & Evan Foster Younger: Myles Nash & Kolby Murphy
Seniors: Nick Jouret & Jamison Phelps


Jamison Phelps & Adrian Garcia
Graduate: Brady Noernberg Graduate: Brady Noernberg
Influence Parents: Scott and Michelle Influence: Parents: Daniel & Sonia


Levi Valdez
Respects and Influence:
Younger: Zach Vesper & Peyton Wiggs
Seniors: Jake Worley & Brandon Trieu
Graduate: Nate Dieckmann
Influence: Grandfather: Daniel Valdez



Theme of The Week Word of The Week Story of The Week
"The time is now! Have a sense of urgency" "Courage" "G.I. Life Insurance"


"If not Here, Where?  If not Now, When? If not US, THEN Who?"