Olathe South Football Booster Club

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Players of the Week

Scout Team: Mike Murteza

Offensive Lineman:Ryan Carier

Defensive Lineman:
J.J. Neal

Offensive Player:
Hunter Larson

Defensive Player:
Kevin Burdette

Freshman Player: Jackson Pittman

JV Player: Alex Wallace


Special Team Player:
Jaden Walker


Turnover Board:

Luke Meenahan and Alex Talmage
Mario Vasquez Austin Peterson
Respects and Influence Respects and Influence
Younger: Tyler Cavil & Cannon Gottschalk Younger: JJ Neal & Brandon Trieu
Seniors: Brett Beene & Brady Noernberg Seniors: Isaac DeGraffenreid & Caleb Bryant
Graduate: James Franklin Graduate: Devin Brown
Influence: Bob Founts Influence: Andrea Peterson


Next Week: Isaac DeGraffenreid & Oakley Reed

Theme of the Week: “Legacy”

Word of the Week: “Finish”

Story of the Week: “Nobel Legacy”


You dont beat people with surprises, but with execution.John McKay


posted 09/05/2016